Art collection

The Villa Real Hotel building is a true classic of the Spanish capital. Built in the 19th century under the supervision of the architect Chueca Goitia, the building was purchased in 1996 by Derby Hotels Collection, for it to be turned into a small museum hotel with classic taste which has managed to combine art and modern features to perfection.

This fascinating Art and Archaeology collection includes perfectly restored Roman and Syrian mosaics, dating from between the 2nd and 6th centuries A.D. A catalogue of more than 100 pieces of ancient art, spread over the hotel’s halls, corridors, common areas and bedrooms.

Also highlighting several Roman sculptures of the 1st and 2nd centuries A.D., as well as a small number of Christian mosaics, a collection of Apulian vases belonging to one of the most important private collections in Spain, and modern paintings from artists such as Joan Guinovart, Antoni Tàpies and Andy Warhol, which inspired the decoration of the East 47 Restaurant.


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